OC provides for basic hygiene along with a few items of comfort to combat troops
deployed to the remotest locations in the Global War on Terror...
those warriors "at the tip of the spear."


In The Queue


"We thank you very much for your support for us out here in Iraq.  It means so much to all of us to know that people still care and support the troops.  I’ve heard that you guys have put in a lot of effort and time in packing and sending out these packages.  When we receive these packages it brightens our day.  Thank you very much.  We cannot thank you enough for your support.  Thank you from the 3rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion!!"

U S  Army
3rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion
25th Infantry Division
FOB Bernstein
Tuz, Iraq

   Listed here are the units we plan to ship to or who have  requested and are awaiting shipments. We will ship as soon as we have enough resources to supply an entire unit. 

   You send it... we'll spend it...and we'll pack & ship it all! 

This year,  we have sent the following units

1) USMC:

To be determined.

2) Christmas Shipment:

3000 presents to multiple units

3) Coffee Shipments: ongoing to multiple units

We now have exceeded 100,000 pounds and are continuing to ship!

We will continue to handle special requests (female items, boot socks, coffee, etc.) as we receive them  and can muster the funds and support we need.   

   To give you some idea of unit size:

  • Squad: 13

  • Platoon: 43 plus 1 medic

  • Company: 182 plus 6 medics (may be reinforced (larger))

  • Battalion: 930 to 1075 (varies by components for mission)

  • Regimental Combat Team: 7,500 (rifle companies, heavy weapons, engineers, etc.)



Above: "Packaging Parties" are attended by a wonderful group of volunteers
who sacrifice their time, energy and treasure to send a little
"comfort to those in harm's way".
Their selfless devotion makes this effort possible.