OC provides for basic hygiene along with a few items of comfort to combat troops
deployed to the remotest locations in the Global War on Terror...
those warriors "at the tip-of-the-spear."


Sgt. Knit Witty Knitting Corp

In 2009, my wife, Eva, our daughters and some ladies from the Scottish Knights Templar, Scottish Highland Games and the community-at-large banded together in the Fall to knit watch caps for 350 Marines for Christmas. Despite their best efforts, we ended up having to buy about 100 machine knit caps to complete the shipment.

My wife thinks that with a few more folks knitting for this effort that we could supply not only enough for a Company (~250), but maybe enough for a full Battalion (~1000) by Christmas. She hates the thought of one of these kids getting a Christmas package from "Operation Caregiver" with anything other than a hand knit cap. She feels the hand knit caps speak to the heart of the recipient in a way no store-bought one can.

To that end, she is seeking knitters of every experience level to help her meet this goal. She is already known affectionately as the "Knit Wit" of the Templar's and Clan Inebriated for the gorgeous Aran-style kilt hose she knits. Therefore, she has adopted the moniker, "Sgt. Knit Witty" and has established the "Sgt. Knit Witty Knitting Corp" for knitters interested in supplying "comfort for those in harm's way."

Membership is open to any and all who wish to join her in providing hand knit watch caps and booties to send with Christmas cards and candy to troops in Afghanistan. To join the 'Knitting Corp', please contact the 'Sergeant' at: emlamarmd@gmail.com .

We have been using yarn that can be purchased at any crafts store.  In fact, if you speak to your local store manager and tell them what you want it for, they may donate some or give it to you at a reduced price. We have found that it does not hurt to ask.

The recommended yarn we have been using is made by the "Lion Brand Yarn Company" and it is named               "Wool-Ease" and may be obtained on-line or craft stores. The colors we recommend are:

#620-403 - Mushroom, #632-232 - Woodprint, and #620-173 - Sage or similar muted Fall colors

For beginners, or the eager with too many thumbs, there is a loop device you can purchase at craft stores or on-line. It makes it simple enough that even a child can do it and it is what our daughters use to make hats and booties.

There is a company called "Provo Craft" that sells the "Knifty Knitter" round loom kit. You buy the knitting loom kit and the green loop is the one to use for the watch caps. The blue loom is used for booties.

Knifty Knitter Small Round Loom w/Hook & Pick Tool: Blue 4-3/4" Diameter










The instructions for how to make a hat or booties are included in the kit and you can check out this device on the "Knifty Knitter" website:

http://www.myknitter.com/?cid=720391 .

The recommended yarn we have been using for this device is made by the "Lion Brand Yarn Company" and it is named "Homespun". It is also available on-line or at local craft stores. The colors we recommend are:

#381- Barley, #377 - Harvest and #312 - Edwardian or muted Fall colors.

Here are some pattern suggestions the Sgt. has created for needles or looms:

Sgt. Knit Witty's knitting guides: (click on link)

Needle Knitting Patterns:

Loom Knitting Patterns:

Crochet Patterns: to be posted

So what do you do with all these hats and booties once you've gotten them done? Ship them to:

Operation Caregiver
P O Box 722289
San Diego CA 92172

We'll send you a thank you letter for your trouble and if you include a note of encouraging support, we will send it with the hat or booties. Include your address on your note and you may hear from a trooper camped at 20,000 feet in the Hindu-Kush mountains. Wouldn't that be grand!?

NOTE: We have no commercial ties to the merchants or manufacturers listed here. This information is provided merely to ease participation in this project and is not an endorsement of any particular merchant or manufacturer. If you prefer other merchants or manufacturers, for whatever the reason, please continue to support them.