OC provides for basic hygiene along with a few items of comfort to combat troops
deployed in the remotest locations in the Global War on Terror...
those warriors "at the tip of the spear."



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Full_Name:     Peg Rakauskas

Date:          01/13/2011

Time:          05:32:03 PM




Several of us "gals' joined last year and sent 30 hats-- plan to do at least double (if not more) for 2011.

God Bless Our Troops--Thanks boys!

Full_Name:     Elaine Fox
Email:         efox92064@yahoo.com
Date:          10/30/2010
Time:          09:34:08 AM


New enlistee here...a bit late for this year but am already knitting for next year!

Full_Name:     Roberta Mattice
Date:          09/07/2010
Time:          02:34:34 PM 


I am proud to say that we have been working with Doc for 2 years to help send some "love" to our troops!  The need is there and our troops need us.  Please give to this organization.


Full_Name:     Mary Hamm
Email:         momhamm@centurylink.net
Date:          08/22/2010
Time:          08:47:45 PM 


Since I learned to crochet I've wanted to do something that would help someone.  I have set a goal of one hundred hats.  Do I need to contact operation caregiver to let them know what I am doing.


Full_Name:     Pamela McDaniel
Date:          08/17/2010
Time:          07:54:40 PM 


I will be glad to help knit those Boys Beanies

Full_Name:     Sue Dunlap
Date:          08/10/2010
Time:          10:29:03 PM


I read about your organization on the Lion Brand Yarn website. My husband was a career Air Force pilot. I know how much it means to the troops to receive something special from "home". I've started knitting some caps and will send them soon. Thanks for ALL you're doing.

Name:        Martin O Shea

Date:          05/18/2010


good bless all the usmc up the irish

Name:         John Wintersteen

Email:         steenmarine@yahoo.com

Date:          12/31/2009

Time:          06:04:43 PM




Good Job, Doc!

One box can make the day of several troops.

Keep up the good work.

Name:         Darcy Amundson


Email:         damundson@cavignac.com


Date:          11/16/2009 @ 02:03:56 PM




I was deeply touched by Michael "Doc" M. G. LaMar, MD's, email update telling us about the kindness of our men and the respect they show to these people who live in a country of such uncertainty and brutality.  I was elated to read that their  battalion was going home in time for the holidays.  Thank you 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines for laying your lives on the line - we love you, respect you and wish you all the best   


Name:         Steve Melcher

Email:         bydand@adnc.com

Date:          10/16/2009 @ 05:23:50 PM


This group has sent several thousand of the care packages to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Much of the funding for this group comes from donations of individual patriots. It is a very worthy cause. The group is getting ready to send another shipment in November 2009 and again in early 2010. Your donation will be greatly appreciated!

Name:           Jon Stanley

Date:          09/30/2009  01:40:30 AM


Operation Caregiver is very generous and much appreciated. Their donations sent many care packages to my Soldiers at a remote FOB in Iraq...Thank You For Your Support

Name:          Rick Morgan

Date:          09/29/2009  02:56:30 PM


God Bless all in this fine organization, and especially the noble troops it serves. May they all come home safely! Thank you for your service!

Name:          Jim Strachan

Date:          09/29/2009  01:46:00 PM


This is such a noble cause.  Please donate!