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4th Annual FIESTA DE LOS  SAN PATRICIOS" After Action Report


Well...we did it again!

The San Patricios event was a HUGE success. We raised over $3000 in just two hours!

The folks at Fiesta de Reyes in Old Town were so kind to us. In addition to letting us use their space and personnel, they made a very generous donation to support the work of OC.

The $2 Guinness and $1 tacos had the place packed. And the supportive crowd kept the donation box busy

The entertainment was spectacular. We were treated to the sounds of the Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band. This year, they even brought some Highland Dancers to entertain the crowd and they were a delight. Thanks to Charlie R. and the whole crew for coming out.

Not to be outdone, The Rose-Ritchie Irish Dance Academy showed up with an army of dancers and the crowd was treated to some fantastic Irish step-dancing. Thanks, Rori, and the whole school for all the support.


As an added bonus, we had a Irish Dance troupe come up from Mexico to dance for us. Head-teacher, Ms. Yovanna Torres of the "Irish Dancing de Mexico Guadalajara/Tijuana" brought her group and they were great. The American dancers did sets with them and it was simply fabulous to see.


I have to thank the San Diego Law Enforcement and Fire Emerald Societies for showing up in force. And special thanks to the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of San Diego and North County for coming by and entertaining the crowd with classic Irish and American patriotic songs.

Thanks to Paul O'Sullivan for reaching out to the Mexican dance school. BIG Thanks to Suzanne Anderson for all her efforts in getting the word out. Thanks to the Friendly Son EA, Margie, for her efforts as well. And thanks to all the NICE GUYS who made the effort to come by and have a pint and leave a few shekels in the box.

We WILL be back next year because OUR troops will still be in harm's way.

If I forgot to mention someone or something, please let me know. I KNOW this effort succeeds because of you.