This effort is being coordinated by a single individual assisted by many volunteers.
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 "The look on the faces of the  Marines getting the packages is priceless. Hardened warriors, taking a moment to smile, relax and visit back home, if only for a minute, priceless..."
                                             SGTMAJ D. W. G.
RCT-1, Camp Fallujah,  IRAQ

All donations are made under the Victory Fund, of the Nice Guys, an IRS authorized non-profit 501(c)3 public charity. 100% of every donation goes directly to purchasing and shipping materials. There is NO overhead.  All labor and administration is voluntary.  

We now accept credit cards or Paypal or you may send a check.

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With each contribution, please enclose at least one letter of encouragement to a warrior in the field. It doesn't need to be anything fancy; just tell them that you respect their sacrifice, care about their welfare, wish them well and that you hope they'll come home safe and sound.  Include your mailing or email address and you may hear from this young American half a world away. Trust me; hearing from one of these warriors will change how you view many things in this life.

We need donations (in ANY amount), and letters of encouragement with each donation. Honestly, the letters are more important than you think.

All contributions are made through the Nice Guys a non-profit 501(c) 3 public charity.

Please, make all checks payable to Nice Guys, and mail to:

Operation Caregiver
PO Box 722289
San Diego, CA 92172


Our goal is to remain overhead-free, with 100% of all donations going toward sending Caregiver Kits

Subsequently, we prefer donations by check or cash. Thank you for your consideration of this effort in your charitable giving plans.

Any questions or concerns, please contact us.

LEFT: Volunteers load boxes (six Caregiver Kits per box) for RCT-1.